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GoWatch™ | Multifunctional Premium Smartwatch

GoWatch™ | Multifunctional Premium Smartwatch

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This year's best-selling smartwatch!

Do you also want a fashionable smartwatch that keeps track of all your important medical information?

Then we've got the device for you! A sensitive laser sensor keeps a close eye on your health. It's important to record your activities every day. Track your daily steps, heart rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure and more.

All the benefits at a glance:

  • Built-in pedometer: the watch tracks all your steps and is perfect for a healthy lifestyle. It tracks your steps and the number of calories burned, allowing you to accurately monitor your steps.

  • Long battery life: A fully charged SmartwatchTM battery can last up to 240 hours.

  • Very Bluetooth connected: all you need to do is press one button to pair your smartphone with your smartwatch. It can be paired with Android and iOS smartphones.

  • The watch is made to withstand water splashes. We do not recommend immersing the watch in water.

  • Apps can be controlled with the smartwatch. Text messages and Whatsapp come to mind. They can be linked to your watch.

  • Sleep tracking function.

  • Setting an alarm: how handy is the alarm function on your watch? Make notes of your appointments!

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